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Mandy Moody - Candidate for Iowa House District 96

A Note From Mandy:

“If the systems work for you there is no reason to question them. As a social worker I have an ethical duty to promote social justice and change with my community. It is central to my core values to pursue positive change with, and on behalf of, the vulnerable and oppressed. I would like the opprotunity to advocate on a broader level for our district at the state level.”

Donate via Act Blue

Every dollar counts in this race, especially when we are up against out-of-state money and national interests. This campaign is people powered so join us!

Work with us! #BetterTogether

Our state needs our help folks. Now is not the time for words and hopes for progress, it is time for action. It is time for all of us to work together for a better Iowa.

Let us hear from you!

I can only do this with your help. We need all voices to work together to make real progress in our state. Reach out to make your voice heard, I want to hear from you!

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